Sexy Bartenders

Smokey Joe Entertainment would love to bartend your next private party or event! Not only are our sexy bartenders good at pouring drinks and bringing the party to life but they are also classy, sexy, and professional dancers as well.Whether you want these sexy bartenders to get up on the bar and dance in between filling your guests glasses up with tasty drinks or just simply wearing a gorgeous costume while working behind the bar, we guarantee you will be pleased. We can put our bartenders in any themed costume you would like.

So when you have a million things to worry about while planning an event, let us make things easier by bringing our staff of talented sexy bartenders to give you one less item to stress over. Hire us and then drink up!

We also have champagne serving aerial bartenders. These highly skilled aerialists will perform on aerial hoop or tissu and then take a break to serve your guests various drinks, like champagne. It’s just another thing that makes our bartenders unique.

Whether you need to hire a bartender for a private party, a wedding or some other event, Smokey Joe Entertainment has got your bartending event needs covered.

Available in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Palm Springs and Bakersfield areas

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Sexy Bartender
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