What Makes Us Special

Smokey Joe Entertainment was founded in 2009 by Samantha Schmidt (photo right) to showcase her and other performers’ diverse skills and talents and, more importantly, give audiences something new. Smokey Joe’s prides itself on being the most diverse live entertainment company ever and providing you with “Entertainment at its Finest”.

We believe we have assembled the best dancers, circus artists, aerialists, bartenders, fire dancers, contortionists and magicians in the area. Plus more performers are always being added for you to hire for your next party or event. Watch our company reel and decide for yourself. We currently entertain all over Southern California (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara).

When you book with Smokey Joe Entertainment, every show we make for you includes the following:

  • Every costume is custom designed and hand made to look the best that it can.
  • Music is carefully selected and edited so only the exciting parts of every song are played. Our shows never get boring.
  • Every performer is put through a rigorous audition to make sure we have only the most talented and reliable performers.
  • Each dance in the show is personally choreographed by the owner of Smokey Joe Entertainment.
  • Rehearsals are held to make sure each performer knows the steps and where they are supposed to be in each dance or performance.
  • Before an event we make sure we are better than performance ready.
Samantha Schmidt
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